rinky dink press, with sponsorship from the Academy of American Poets, is thrilled to announce MICROFEST 2021 featuring MICROPOETRY MONDAYS!

  • the readings will take place from 6-7pm (AZ time) every Monday during National Poetry Month (April)
  • the readings are free and you can join directly via this link: https://asu.zoom.us/j/83973677029
  • we’ll be launching new collections* every Monday while celebrating some of our beloved poets from previous series

The microfest schedule is below. We hope you’ll join us for these micro-celebrations of micropoetry!

peace, love, and poetry,


Monday 4/5
Yaxkin Melchy (trans. Ryan Greene)*
Tara Roeder
Justin Rogers
Benny Sisson
TC Tolbert

Monday 4/12
Nova Baize*
Rebecca Fish Ewan*
Janna Grace
Megan Paranich
Emily Powers
Jeff Sirkin

Monday 4/19
Ian Bodkin
Carlos Colon*
Christopher Danowski
Siaara Freeman
Susan Nguyen*

Monday 4/26
Jack Evans*
Jenny MacBain-Stephens
Michelle Salcido*
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke (JSK)
Woody Woodger

rinky dink press (rdp) is on a mission to get poetry back in the hands (and pockets) of the people. To date, we’ve published over 80 single-author micro-collections in microzine form, each priced at $1. Not only are we curating socially resonant poetry, we’re publishing it in a DIY container, one that resists the status quo and the rules of the establishment, one that’s redefining indie publishing within the world of poetics.

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