series one authors

K. (Kirsten) Shu-ying Chen lives in NYC and is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry at the New School. She founded BTP artist collective and eats primarily stinky cheeses.

Michael Brooks Cryer‘s dog, Archie, thinks he’s John Wayne

Christopher Danowski is a theater and performance artist and has written over fifty plays. He is based in Phoenix and is a member of the Howl Theatre Project.

Robin Dunn writes and teaches in Los Angeles.

Colin James was born in England, lives in Massachusetts, and works in Energy Conservation. His poems have appeared in Waterlogged August, Sage Trail, 88, The Ottawa Review, and others.

Kitt Keller is a poet living in Tempe, AZ. She does not have a cat.

E. A. Lara is an Arizona-based poet, musician, and singer. He is currently working on his first novel and is in a band called She’s Only Sleeping.

Ashley Naftule is a writer & performer from Phoenix, AZ. He’s been published by Phoenix New Times, Dark City Mystery Magazine, Four Chambers Press andMasque & Spectacle. More of his work can be found at

Shawnte Orion has published two collections of poetry, The Existentialist Cookbook, from NYQ Books, and Faithful as the Ground from Five Oaks Press. He posts sporadically at

Christie Towers lives in Arlington, MA. Her work has appeared in Narrative Magazine, Love Among the Ruins, and The Ohio Edit.