Nine-Ten-Eleven-Twelve (excerpt)


IX. Motherfucker

Stepdad #3 moved us
2 towns over, 1 class down
and it stung like a motherfucker—
my daddy and cable gone,
and public-access home improvement on
when my own couldn’t get any worse.


X. High School Is for Lovers

Pyramids rise from sand-colored court.
High-flying goddess
silhouetted against hot gym sun;
fluorescent peeking around somersault
like a failed eclipse.
Skirt-flutter oasis,
speed & slow-motion;
underwear mirage vanishes,
reappears when the tourists have gone.
First Wonder of my world.


Nicklaus Hopkins is an English professor from the Sunshine State. He writes for both television and pleasure. His work has appeared in over forty TV shows and countless print publications. He resides with his writer-wife and their two furry children.