Nostalgia as Black Matilda (excerpt)


Black Matilda Sacrifices Anxiety to God…

God know anxious like niggas praying
they don’t gotta die, well aware
it’s God’s Will.

Matilda know God’s Will is to turn
the hood from Crunchem Hall
to Ark; the covenant
a crip walk of praise
in an eden of Black.


Black Matilda Talks Hunger with God

The fish multiply
the bread becomes a basket of hungry knuckles
but what about tomorrow? What second coming
can messiah empty bellies till the next paycheck?

A mouth is a seven headed beast,
the Bridge Card
king of kings,


Justin Rogers is a curly haired poet from Detroit. As an urban body, he advocates for inner-city literacy. He earns his keep coordinating after-school programming with InsideOut Literary Arts and speaking a never ending list of prayers. Rogers has work published widely and is an editor with WusGood.Black.