Postcards in Low Tide (excerpt)



do you remember
when we were all boys
and your dad
would smile,
toss his white

over your cousin’s head
while he redressed
for work?

you ever figure out the smell?
musty and crisp
as a casket flag.


what we walk on

seashells are a main ingredient
in cape cod concrete.

think of clammy popcorn
kernels wedged

in pelican gums.
male pelicans give these kernels

to mates as rings,
because they’re sharp

and opal. females smartly repurpose
them as oyster shuckers.


Woody Woodger is an MFA candidate at Western Washington University. His first chapbook, postcards from glasshouse drive, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. His other work has appeared in Exposition Review, Barely South, and (b)OINK among others. He’s currently forthcoming in 2 Bridges Review and wherewithal.