series six authors

Erik Bitsui, a Navajo from Blue Gap, Arizona, has an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Hostiin Bitsui lives with wife and two daughters in East Flagstaff, where he is DJ for a weekly heavy metal radio show on KSZN 101.5 FM.

Wanda Deglane is a night-blooming desert flower from Arizona. Her poetry has been published in Rust + Moth, Glass Poetry, Drunk Monkeys, Yes Poetry, and elsewhere. Wanda is the author of Bittersweet (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2019) and other chapbooks.

Janna Grace’s work has appeared in Otoliths, Plastik Magazine, and Wide Eyes Publishing, among others. She teaches writing at Rutgers University and is the editor of Lamplit Underground. Her debut novel will be published through Quill Press in 2020.

Eugenia Hepworth Petty lives in the Pacific Northwest with her poet husband and a clowder of cats. In addition to writing, she shoots film and makes things out of disparate objects. For photo galleries and writing links visit:

Katie King does her best writing at golden hour in front of the window wearing nothing but a bra and earrings as the Canada geese fly past. She lives at high altitudes telling middlebrow jokes to her son.

Katie Quinnelly is a West Virginian poet currently studying at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Her work has been published in the Anthology of Appalachian Writers, and Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, among others. Her chapbook, Sparrow Pie, is available through Eggtooth Editions.

Jennifer Schomburg Kanke (JSK) edits confidential government documents in Tallahassee, Florida. Her work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Fugue, and Court Green. She is a reader for Emrys.

Jeremiah Sears is a poet living between Los Angeles and Chicago.

Jesse Sensibar‘s work has appeared in such places as The Tishman Review, Stoneboat Journal, and Waxwing. His book, Blood in the Asphalt: Prayers from the Highway, was published in 2018 by Tolsun Press. You can find him at

Benny Sisson is a trans poet. She is the programs assistant for the NYC literary organization Village of Crickets. She is a library assistant, adjunct instructor, and MFA candidate at Adelphi University. She currently lives in Mineola, NY.

Joris Soeding’s most recent book of poetry is Home in Nine Moons (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, 2018). Soeding’s writing has appeared in publications such as Another Chicago Magazine, Columbia Poetry Review, Concho River Review, Night Garden Journal, and Red River Review. He is a 7th/8th grade Social Studies teacher in Chicago, where he resides with his wife, son, and daughter.