The Streetlamp Clowns of Wasco (excerpt)


If The Longest Glove Fits, Tie It Into A Noose

The streetlamp clowns of Wasco
Juggle three ring insomnia and endless
handkerchiefs—colorful scarves
chloroform scented.
Believe laughter is the best tourniquet.


The Streetlamp Clowns Are Eager Babysitters

Pockets full of balloon animal carcasses.
They know exactly which window
peers into your bedroom

how much space remains
between your mattress and floor
how much silence can squeeze
into the back of your closet.


Shawnte Orion has published two previous collections of poetry, The Existentialist Cookbook, from NYQ Books, and Faithful as the Ground from Five Oaks Press. He posts sporadically at